Dehradun- Home to The Galaxy of Educational Institutions

Galaxy of Educational Institutions

The city of Dehradun is the state capital of Uttarakhand, and one of the most significant cities in North India for several reasons. The city has always been a learning centre for the greats in India as it is home to the finest schools and colleges in the country. Various former prime ministers and IndianRead More

5 Tips to Ace the CBSE Class 12 Exam

Tips to Ace the CBSE Class 12 Exam

CBSE class 12 exam is extremely crucial for the students as the marks are required for admissions in several top colleges. Not only that, the marks obtained in class 12 also reflects one’s academic excellence. To excel in the CBSE class 12 exams, students need to prepare well for the exams and be confident withRead More

10 Most Popular Students Books

Students Books

What do students prefer reading while studying at college or university? Find out which books students choose to entertain and learn something new. Top 10 Books Every Student Should Read Reading is not only a great way to spend time, but also a great tool for maintaining physical and mental health. College or university isRead More

Harley Reagan- An Amazing Spiritual and Physical Teacher

Amazing Spiritual and Physical Teacher

When it comes to spiritual growth and physical mastery, there are few individuals in this world that are known for both.  These individuals are famous for sharing their invaluable knowledge and wisdom with the rest of the community. Their main mission is to improve and enrich the lives of those around them. They live positiveRead More