Safeguard yourself from Internet security threats

Internet security

Protect yourself The Internet is a place of crime where you are the prey of every hunter as someone intends to hunt your details of the bank to take away your credit or debit card number. Moreover, hackers are also prepared to hack the server and take away a lot of money from your account.TheRead More

A complete Guide to Linksys Extender Setup

Linksys Extender Setup

Recently, Linksys, which specializes in network products, has introduced a seat/wall-mounted Wi-Fi signal extender – RE6500HG, which provides 802.11 n and ac signal expansion capabilities, allowing blind spots or signals that were originally poorly received to be covered. It can also be connected to the Internet steadily, and provides 4 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to directlyRead More

The Beneficial Features of Vidmate and Its Elaboration

The Beneficial Features of Vidmate and Its Elaboration

The Internet has brought us many facilities of entertainment such as we can watch videos online, play games online, download movies, listen to songs online or download them into the Smartphones. But, often we see that different websites show many ads and force us to download any kind of application in order to download anyRead More

Advantages of Opting For Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Internet banking has brought the banking process to the fingertips of the customers. Both the banks and its customers are so happy with the services since they are made free from frequent travel to banks and unwanted rushes at the banks. All of the banks provide internet baking services to its customers to help themRead More


How Smartphones and Internet Have Changed Our Lives


Gone are the days when life without a smartphone was normal. Today, one simply cannot imagine carrying out a plethora of everyday activities and mundane tasks without its help and assistance. In fact, we as people have become so dependent on these gadgets that forgetting to carry this device when leaving the house can makeRead More