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life with Instagram

Can you imagine living in today’s world without having access to the Internet or going into an introvert mode having no net access with you? Pretty impossible! Although there might be very few rare cases of people living the 18thcentury lifestyle, almost everyone uses the internet and moreover social networking platforms nowadays. Connecting with others and communicating through different modes like texting, sharing pictures, expressing emotions, talking, etc. are all typical human behaviors and thanks to social networking hubs like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and much more, our lives are just much easier.

Social Networks

Ever since the Internet became a worldwide success, people have always tried to connect to far off relatives, friends, and lovers over emails and email messenger features. Thanks to techno geeks and Computer Science geniuses, multiple people were able to mingle together simultaneously, all connected to the net. This, then turned into be called social networks as socializing went extremely well with networking concept.

Use of social networking sites

Social networking is one’s most unscathed addiction. It helps you talk to friends and relatives, find new people, either from your locality or mutual friends, share stuff that you think is cool either through statuses, pictures or videos, and learn a lot of informative things shared by others. It is available in almost all operating platforms and only needs an internet connection to get you logged in. Networking hubs like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are the world’s most used online networking engines. With the number of features increasing in each update, more people are attracted to it, literally keeping you 24/7 connected to your buddies. Few features like liking a post, expressing emotions, sharing something that others posted, posting live photos and videos on the spot are just for starters.

Social networking is the ultimate hub for the gossip world and for learning new things. So if you want to know the latest rumors and news about your favorite celebrity, you are in the right place. Fan pages and celebrity pages are also available to follow superstars or the next happening event. Most users of social networking sites are young adults, teens, and kids in high school. All such sites have private messaging features where you can talk to another person without third party intrusion or access. Talking about the intrusion, most first timers always worry about the safety of such platforms. Well programmed algorithms and security checks ensure that the right person has logged into their networking account. Privacy and back up features are all fundamental settings in all of the networks. Now, most of us use Facebook and know exactly how things work in Facebook. Although Instagram has caught up into action lately, many don’t know the sole purpose of such a platform. Well, why don’t we see what Instagram offers?

Insta posts of Pictures

Well, having photos in your attic is just outdated, and the digital world has made a massive impact on everyone’s life. Moreover, being able to share your captures just almost instantly, makes everything much better. Instagram helps you achieve this. The platform allows you to upload and capture pictures and videos into your account and give brief descriptions to it. Moreover, if you are a digital photographer, it is even better. The app makes one explore their photography skills by taking pictures and posting them and getting reviews by their friends. Instagram lets you post the silliest and random photos to brilliant, perfectly timed pictures and selfies. Short videos of 30 sec can also be posted, giving the viewer a brief live experience of what you went through. Private messages can be sent to your friends relating posts that influence them in life. Most Instagram users are people with candid photography skills and get likes easily.

What is Instagram likes?

These likes are genuinely expressed by people who like the post and appreciate the photographer. Some users try gaining fame by posting hot topics of the current world and memes and other graphical images which possess information of any kind. Such users send friend requests to many thousands and get free Instagram likes. Anyone with the same mindset can get photos or pictures that would stir a crowd, especially on a social networking platform. Thus, Instagram is for any person who is a quality photographer or someone who is just getting into it or someone who is just looking for fame. There is a sensor regarding nudity and vulgarity. Hence even kids can create an account in Instagram. The hashtag user feature lets you give a brief description of your post so that others can be tagged or informed about the event. The search feature in Instagram relates your hashtags and gives you similar posts if you search for it.

Overall, Instagram is a compelling platform for social networking where you can connect with people through visual reality. So, if you are not a photo lover, then Instagram is not meant for you. However, if you do even a bit, do check out its impressive features and download it soon on your smartphones!


With the passing time, Instagram fame is increasing like anything owing to the benefits it has to offer the users. If you are even planning to go for an online business, then this social platform is the best one. It can provide you with numerous options to expand your business efficiently. There are even specific tools that are designed to help you grow your online business and service.


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